Are you planning to hold your wedding outdoors? Have you always dreamed of
exchanging vows beside a turquoise ocean, or in a tranquil, flower-filled meadow?
Read on for our thoughts on why outdoor weddings are the best.


Your dream location

You can get married pretty much anywhere in Australia. So if there’s a certain location that speaks to you, e.g. the place you first met, you can choose this for your marriage ceremony. If it’s a less traditional setting, you may also find it’s more readily available than mainstream destination venues.

Freedom to be creative

Not being confined by four walls gives you and your partner freedom to personalise your celebrations to your exact tastes. You can make your wedding as conventional or unique as you like. You might go for a festival theme, with lots of colourful props, hay bales, and blankets for seating. Or do you envisage a barbecue and a bonfire on a pristine beach, in front of a spectacular sunset? You can go to town on the detail, with al fresco features such as Balinese beds for lounging, and trees and gazebos strung with lanterns and fairy lights.



A relaxed atmosphere

Being outdoors surrounded by birdsong, flowers and blue sky evokes a fun, laid-back atmosphere. And it can be a huge bonus if you’re inviting guests with children. Little ones will love having space and freedom to play and burn off steam, whilst the parents will be able to relax and enjoy the day! You can even set up outdoor games, such as croquet and boules, for everyone to enjoy.


Whilst you can transform the décor in an inside venue, you can’t make it bigger! Having an outdoor wedding gives you more flexibility when it comes to space for your celebrations. It can take the pressure off when it comes to planning that sit-down dinner, or if you have last minute additions to your guest list.


Glorious natural scenery

Whether you choose to get married in a romantic vineyard, or in a lush tropical garden, you can count on nature’s stunning backdrop to contribute. An outdoor wedding can help you save on your budget when it comes to décor. And what could be more memorable than tying the knot in a setting with beautiful mountain or ocean views? If you’re getting married in a seasonal location, you can let the time of year influence your colour scheme, be it delicate springtime pastels or deep burnished reds, greens and golds of autumn.


Incredible photographs

Holding your wedding outdoors will give you gorgeous photographs flooded with natural light. Make sure you hire a photographer who is experienced at working with varying light conditions, including after sunset. That way your photos will capture you and your guests at your best, as you celebrate throughout the day and into the night.


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