Names / Natalie & Jean-Claude Saliba
Date / 08.05.21
Guest Numbers / 320
Venue / University of Sydney
Gown / Leah Da Gloria
Florals / John Emmanuel

How did you and your husband meet?

We met at our church's annual dinner dance in 2018 and were introduced by 2 of our cousins.

How did he propose?

I sing at weddings and other events, including proposals. Jean-Claude had organised a fake proposal for me to sing at through a guitarist that I usually work with and he ended up showing up at the time we thought the couple were arriving and pulling me away from the microphone. He then got down on one knee and popped the question!

What was your vision for your wedding day?

We went back and forth a couple of times with John Emmanuel and White Label. In the end, we agreed on going for a Winter Wonderland, angelic vibe. The baby's breath was the centre of all our ideas, and we ended up filling the whole room with amazing structures of it. I couldn't have asked for more from both John and Rosa.

Where did you look for your wedding inspiration?

Wedding pages on Instagram and Pinterest mostly. I found a lot of inspiration looking at event stylists' instagram pages in particular.

What drew you to choose Imagehaus for your photography & Videography?

Just by looking at their work, we could sense the magic and the professionalism behind the company. And we've just heard the most amazing things about ImageHaus from so many different people in the industry. It was such an easy decision to make.

What was your wedding planning journey like for you? How far out did you start planning?

We got engaged in July of 2020 and got married in May of 2021, so we didn't even have a year in between to plan the wedding. I had been finding inspo for a while before the proposal anyway so I had some ideas on which suppliers we might use etc. So the process from start to finish was quite smooth, apart from having to plan a wedding during COVID-19 and not knowing what the restrictions would be for our big day. We got so lucky to be able to have a normal wedding though.

What was the highlight of your wedding day for you?

The entire day was so magical, it's so hard to pick one moment. But I can easily say that having the people we both love so much with us and celebrating our love, was the greatest. The ceremony was beautiful, but the reception celebrations afterward were the cherry on top for us. Such a perfect night.

Is there anything you would do differently?

Not one thing! The day/night ran so smoothly and was so enjoyable for us and for everyone. If we could do it all over, I'd just try to take in every single moment a little more because it just goes by so quickly!

Is there any advice you would give other ImageHaus brides?

Enjoy every second! Have fun, laugh, take it all in! You're in the best of hands if you've chosen ImageHaus. So it's one less thing you'll have to worry about on the day. And look forward to the amazing photos/videos you're going to have to look back on when it's all over.