Date / 13.06.21
Guest Numbers / 300+
Planner /  Diane Khoury
Venue / Miramare gardens
Gown / Steven Khalil
Florals / Montana Flora
Photo booth / ImageHaus

How did you and your husband meet?

Well...we first met in primary school as kids. George used to write letters to me, which we still have now. After school we went down different paths in life. Before we knew it we were drawn back to each other and have been inseparable since.

How did he propose?

In 2019, George planned a secret "birthday" day trip. I wasn't told much, and had no clue what he had, which was surprising because he is the worst at keeping something secret except for this on time. We flew via helicopter to a beautiful estate in the southern highlands, and with Andre Bonecelli played by a quartet he read a beautiful letter and popped the question. The best part of it all was the surprise and small sentimental details. The funniest moment was George packing nail polish the morning of because I didn't have my nails painted.

What was your vision for your wedding day?

The best possible party we could throw. We simply wanted the energy and vibe to be fun and loving. Both of our visual aesthetics are so alike so we selected the best vendors in their respected field and knew it would all come together.

What was your inspiration for your dress? 

MY DRESS. My thought process wasn't that I wanted something "different", I just wanted a gown that reflected who I was as a person. After a few months searching through stunning images of wedding dresses, I created a gown in my head and knew exactly what I wanted, just needed the king of couture to create magic. Steven Khalil brought my image to life and created art. The puff sleeve, the key hole back, the pearl detail was exactly what I envisioned. I also knew that I really wanted to have two looks and I'm so glad that we were able to execute both dresses.

Where did you look for your wedding inspiration?

In terms of the reception, we based all of the table decor and florals around our favourite flowers and kept it really crisp. The entrance was inspired by unmanicured gardens for our guests to walk through and experience the start of a magical night. However, we mostly would find our inspiration through trial and error with mocks-ups when it came to planning the big day with our suppliers.

What drew you to choose ImageHaus for your photography?

George has the most beautiful and loving relationship with Henryk which has really grown over the past three years. They both have the most passionate and hard working drive towards creating beautiful art.

What was your wedding planning journey like for you? How far out did you start planning?

Extremely simple and effortless. We truly enjoyed the entire process. We had our dear friend Diane Khoury take a lot of weight from us by assisting with the entire planning and coordination of the day. Her hard work started around 12 months prior to the big day.

What was the highlight of your wedding day for you?

How can I pick! So many special moments. The first dance was definitely up there as the greatest moments of the day. Reflecting back on the entire day, what makes it so special is all the little moments that create one great memory.

Is there any advice you would give other ImageHaus brides?

Enjoy every single second. Soak it in. Don't look at the clock, worry about the little things and ultimately have the best time. It truly is the most incredibly magical day.